Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Writing Goal

I wrote a bit today. For about 20 minutes. Which is better than nothing! Of course. But I think what would really help is to set myself a goal, with a reward at the end. The question is, what would make a good reward. Hm.

Chocolate. Definitely.

So I hearby declare my intention to write 10,000 words by Friday, March 16. If I succeed, I will reward myself with either a scotchmallow from See's Candies, or a bag of Trader Joe's dark chocolate covered flat pretzels.

Your turn. What is your goal, and how will you reward yourself when you reach it?


  1. Hi Sophia, that's a great goal and inspiring that you set yourself a goal like that. I'll aim to do the same, though 10,000 in a week is quite a challenge for me! Perhaps more than one chocolate would be deserved!
    I'm an old Brit, so for me it'd be a pint of beer - a Fuller's London Pride.

    Thanks for great blog,


  2. Awesome, Graham! Check back and let me know how good that beer tastes when you make it.