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The City Darkens
Book 1 in the Raud Grima Trilogy

After a decade of managing the family estate in the provinces, with only the rarest visit from her husband Reister, Myadar Sölbói is suddenly uprooted and brought to the glittering island capital. When Reister tears her son Bersi away from her, Myadar, ignorant and grief-stricken, attempts to navigate the royal court, but becomes a pawn in the political games of others.

Sickened by the injustices she witnesses and by the horror of the new tyrannical order, she resolves to escape with her son, even if it means adopting the guise of the legendary Raud Gríma - and even if she has to tear apart the whole world to do it.

The City Darkens is set in a decopunk world where semiautonomous robots are commonplace but cars are rare and propeller-driven light aircraft are the latest tool of warcraft. It is world where society and nature are linked inextricably with the gods, who are as real as they are ephemeral. It is a world ruled by Helésey, an island city where the aristocracy live decadent lives and play politics with gossip and sex, while the poorest of the poor live in shanty towns underground. It is a world ripe for revolution - all it needs is a spark, and all Hel will break loose...

Priced at $4.99, and available on KindleUnlimited.
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From a five-star review by CW Hawes:
"Thrilling and riveting. I could scarcely put the book down. A protagonist I can empathize with, Myadar's quest for her son is packed with surprise after surprise." 

After the Fall
Book 2 in the Raud Grima trilogy.

Six months after the fall of Helesey and the destruction of Eiflar the Heretic's tyrannical regime, those who could not flee the city struggle to survive in its ruins. Ginna Alvör trades her body for food for her family until the day she witnesses an atrocity that leaves her determined to exact revenge. Ginna swears herself to the god of chaos, Luka, and she becomes the incarnation of the vigilante hero, Raud Grima. Soon, however, she has cause to regret her choice.

Priced at $4.99 and on KindleUnlimited.
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The River and the Roses, Veronica Barry Series, #1

Since childhood, Veronica Barry has denied her psychic ability. When she dreams of blood and roses in Sacramento’s McKinley Park, the images are so vivid that she rushes to the rose garden, only to find that she is too late to save the victim. Although Veronica wishes to put the experience behind her, her best friend turns to her for help in finding her daughter, Angie, who has gone missing. Veronica must learn to embrace her gift, or Angie will be the next to die.

Priced $3.99 and available on KindleUnlimited.

From a five-star review by Annabel Blootshoofd: "This was an amazing book! I sat down with it today to just read a couple of chapters and I ended up finishing it! I just couldn't put it away. I felt like I was the main character while reading this story.

The Fire and the Veil, Veronica Barry Series #2

In the second installment of this mystery series, French teacher and reluctant psychic Veronica Barry is under pressure. Her best friend's daughter, Angie, still traumatized from the assault she survived, has transferred to Veronica's school. Veronica's new boyfriend, Detective Daniel Seong, already wants her to meet his family. And fellow French teacher, Khalilah Jadeed, asks for Veronica's help to locate a missing woman. Add some disturbing dreams and aggressive spirits, and Veronica may have more than she can handle. Soon, she will discover that the spirits she sees and hears sometimes affect her world in other ways as well.

Priced $4.99 and available on KindleUnlimited.
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From a four-star review by Kathryn Beerbaum, "If you're into whodunnits, multi-cultural dabblings and psychic visions, buy this book. [...] the prose in The Fire and the Veil is accessible and flows easily --- perfect for an afternoon spent in an armchair with your Kindle."

The Plane and the Parade, Veronica Barry Series #3

In the third installment of this mystery series, French teacher and amateur psychic detective Veronica Barry is off for the summer. It's not all fun and games, though, as Veronica begins to help SPD Detective Daniel Seong, her boyfriend, in his search for a murderer who may in fact be a terrorist. At least she and Daniel are going strong--but a visit from someone in Veronica's past may rock their solid foundation.

Priced $4.99 and available on KindleUnlimited.
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From a five-star review by Richard McGowan: "This is a wonderful addition to the continuing Veronica Barry story. I'm getting to enjoy the series and the characters more with each volume. It's so easy to get really involved with them. Martin's prose is first-rate, and her pacing is always really well-done. She does a great job of building the tension and the mystery in small doses as 'the spirits' feed Veronica information."

 The Gamble and the Grave, Veronica Barry Series #4

In this fourth installment of the Veronica Barry mystery series, Veronica helps Miguel Santiago, artist and brother of Ariana Santiago, a spirit she met the previous summer, as he tries to find a lost deed to his father's house. Things get complicated when a series of seemingly unrelated nightmares push Veronica to consider kidnapping a child.

Priced at $4.99 and available on KindleUnlimited.
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From a five-star review by Richard McGowen,
"I love the fact that these books are going chronologically, so we really get to watch her life evolve."

"Veronica in Paris," A Veronica Barry Novella (predates series)

Veronica Barry travels to Paris in for her junior year abroad, where she makes friends with other expatriates and falls in love with a French man. Unfortunately, he is one of her new best friends' boyfriends. Her mixed-up feelings come to a head on New Year's eve.
Priced $0.99.
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From a review by Martina Sommer: "It is a great pleasure to follow Veronica's struggles as well as her delight at discovering the famous city."

  Broken Ones

After Louise's abusive brother-in-law puts her in the hospital, she rounds up her sister, her nephew, and two nieces to escape north. As they pass an Amber Alert on the freeway, they realize they've become fugitives. It looks like they may be able to hide out in a small mountain town, but soon, they realize the cabin they rented is haunted.

Generally priced at $2.99.

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From a  review by Ron Vitale: "If you enjoy good character development, a solid plot and a twist of the unexpected, you will not go wrong with Broken Ones."