Need ebook formatting help?

I'm hanging up my shingle as an editor and ebook formatter, folks. Here's how it works.

I've now formatted eight novels, several more than once when I decided to redo aspects. My books are cleanly, professionally formatted, because I don't accept less. If you would like to see what any of my books looks like on your ereader, email me, and I'll send you a free copy in the format of your choice.

Already know you want to hire me to format your ebook? Email me.

I can format for Kindle and Nook, and create a copy that Smashwords' "meat grinder" will accept (though that can be a real headache, believe me). I can include images. I can embed your cover.

I am not at a point where I feel qualified to work with picture books or comic books. This may change as I continue to work on my skills. I also am going to wait to offer formatting for print books. I plan to publish my own books in print soon, and when I do, I'll be doing my own formatting. Once I have the hang of it, I'll update this page to reflect that.

Formatting for Kindle and Nook: I will charge $100 to create a .mobi and a .epub version of your novel, which I would then email back to you. I will need a clean, finished .doc, .docx, or .rtf document--documents with serious layout or other problems will end up costing more. Please note, I will not do any editing of this document--for editing services, go here. The fee includes embedding cover art (but not cover art creation, for that go here). The fee refers to novel-style books.* If you want me to handle uploading your novel to Amazon and B&N, I can do that for an additional $25, though you'll have to give me access to your accounts with those companies. I promise I won't use them to buy a bunch of stuff (or do anything else of a nefarious nature).

Additional formatting services: For $40, I can include up to twelve decorative graphic elements, such as chapter heading vignettes, special chapter heading fonts, decorative section breaks, or other images. If you need more, count $3.50 per image, though we can work something out if there are a large number.

For $40, I can prepare a Smashwords document file, which I would then email to you. In my experience, working with SW is a big headache. As a result, it's an additional $40 if you want me to handle all aspects of the publishing of your book on SW, which will also mean giving me access to your SW account (I promise I'm an ethical person and won't do anything other than publish your book).

Ready to move forward with your formatting? Email me!

*Please inquire for a custom quote for all other types of books. There is also a $40 additional formatting fee for books with a length of over 150,000 words.