Thursday, March 15, 2012

Just a quick update on the goal...

Last week I announced my goal to write 10,000 words by tomorrow, March 16. I just wanted to check in and say, got there! The difficulty is I promised myself See's Candy or Trader Joe's chocolate-covered pretzels and I will probably not be able to fulfill that, at least at the moment. We live in the boonies and either treat requires a drive of at least an hour, and we're trying to save money.

But next week we're probably driving down to the Bay Area for a few days, so I'll just consider this a postponement, not a cancellation. I will have a scotchmallow, dammit.

The serious upside is that the story is moving along a lot better now, and really, that's the reward I wanted most of all. I didn't get to write today because I had homework to do for the MA program (although technically that's writing too, although it's for history), but tomorrow I'll dive back in. I'm almost to the end of a first section. I'm not really sure how many sections there will be--I'm a weird hybrid of pantser and plotter where I outline some parts and have little idea where I'm going with other parts. But I have been considering releasing the novel in parts as a serial... priced at 99 cents each, and then several parts together for some lower amount (like 4 parts for $3 or something). I do think I'll need to have the first few parts done before I release anything, though, as I'm likely to go back and make changes to part one as I move along.

Am I crazy, as a partial-pantser, to consider doing a serial?

Have you ever written a serial? Do you like reading serials?


  1. Huzzah for goal reaching! Go Sophia!
    What are you going to the Bay Area for?

  2. Thank you, thank you. ::bows::
    Jeff and I are probably going to try to attend a job fair in San Jose on Saturday the 24th. We might stay a couple of days though, as it's spring break. We should hang out! Jeff's thinking of trying to hook up with some of his friends, so I could do the same. Are you busy?

  3. I'm busy on Saturday. Will you still be in town on Sunday?

  4. It's highly likely although our plans haven't come together yet.

  5. Hey, Kathryn, looks like we're going to be there. I'm going to email you.