Hello all,

If you read one or more of the first installments of The City Darkens, (such as Myadar's Snare, Myadar's Betrayal, and Myadar's Flight) please comment here or contact me on Twitter, Facebook, or Goodreads and I will send you a complimentary copy of the complete novel.

In the mean time, the free book of the moment is:

You can download it in any of the following formats:

Nook (ePub)

Blurb: After Louise's abusive brother-in-law puts her in the hospital, she rounds up her sister, her nephew, and two nieces to escape north. As they pass an Amber Alert on the freeway, they realize they've become fugitives. It looks like they may be able to hide out in a small mountain town, but soon, they realize the cabin they rented is not the haven they hoped for.

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I will be coming back to this page from time to time to change which book is free.


  1. Just to let you know that I downloaded your ebook. I'll try to read it asap. (still have a book to read for review for a blog)

  2. Awesome, Mieke! I really appreciate your taking the time. :)