Saturday, July 18, 2015

Love/Hate Challenge

My fellow dieselpunk CW Hawes tagged me in the Love/Hate Challenge. It's actually quite rare for me to be tagged for one of these challenges, and this one is fairly straightforward, though it's harder than it looks. So with no further ado, ten things I love and ten things I hate--I'm going to write them as they occur to me, so in no particular order. The hate list was actually a lot harder than the love list, I'm happy to say, so you'll note is a very weird combination of things.

1. Nutella.
2. Corsica.
3. Sleeping in or napping on a rainy day.
4. Reading.
5. Swimming in clear water.
6. People who show kindness.
7. Watching humming birds in our cherry tree.
8. When the baby shrieks with joy or laughs.
9. Cats and kittens.
10. Teaching engaged students.

1. When people react to shooting tragedies by shouting about their gun rights.
2. Unrepentant bigots.
3. War/violence/oppression.
4. Bad drivers.
5. Kernels of corn in cornbread (and many other dishes).
6. Raisins in couscous (and many other dishes).
7. Cockroaches.
8. Spoilers.
9. The "rolling coal" movement and similar idiocies.
10. Being broke.

Now, I pass this torch on to the following ten people:
Kathryn, Aniko, Noel, Lori, Tiyana, Cat, Mary, Mary, Nathan, and Michael.


  1. I like raisins nearly everywhere... but for the rest, agreed :-)

    1. I've only recently begun to like sweet things like dried cherries and fresh strawberries in savory dishes like salads and such. Raisins still don't make the cut, though.