Friday, August 12, 2011

Routine Disrupted By Move... News at 11

Actually, no, there is no news at 11, the title pretty much says it all. We've been moving all week, and it's been exhausting and time-consuming. The place we're moving into is lovely, but much smaller than our last place, so I've been sorting through everything, trying to cut it down to size. Largely successfully, I'd say. And it means I've come across all my old stories that I keep in shoeboxes. I didn't take the time to reread more than a few lines here and there, but it's cool to see them again. I'm hoping to have everything finished soon, but IKEA has contributed to the delay--we bought a new bed, and they didn't include the hardware in the box with the new bedframe, so while we wait for them to ship the screws, etc., to us, we're camped out on the living room floor... needless to say, this makes putting stuff away more difficult, especially for a klutzy pregnant woman.

Today I do plan to have a look at a link the East Coaster left me in the comments of my last post, regarding world-building. You can check it out here.


  1. I left an award for you on my blog (1st Campaign Challenge post). Come and get it. ;-)

  2. cool...stumbling on long forgotten stories is always a great experience for me. It amazes me actually!