Friday, July 29, 2011

Just a quick note for those concerned...

The good news is, the pregnancy symptom was almost completely innocuous--I have a yeast infection so that's never fun, but it's a lot better than leaking amniotic fluid which is what I was afraid was going on. Sorry for the TMI for those of you who can do without the details. I am considering creating another blog and linking it somehow to this one to talk about the pregnancy, since the subject seems to keep butting in here. Maybe I'll do that today.

On the writing front, as predicted, my insomnia totally blew yesterday as a writing day. I ended up in the hospital for nearly two hours undergoing the tests to check out my issue, and anyway I was kind of a zombie. Today's a bit better, although I still felt tired when I woke up this morning, despite a good night's sleep.

I'm batting around some ideas for a new, non-Veronica book. I'm not sure if it will go very far, but I may spend a bit of time world-building and see how it looks. My idea is sort of sci-fi/fantasy/space western, so it will require quite a bit of world (or universe, really) building. Which can be fun. I want to get through the revisions I'm working on first.

The baby is kicking. I cannot tell you how distracting it is. I mean, I realize having the baby on the outside will be a good deal more distracting, but still! I love it when he kicks, though. He's starting to do it a lot more strongly. I'm hoping his dad will be able to feel him soon.

Edited to add: the new blog is here. Please have a look! Does anyone know how to edit the picture (of the sonogram) to make it a bit smaller? Do I have to edit the picture itself and then re-upload it?

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