Saturday, April 2, 2011

quick numbers update

For those who are interested in my experience so far with epublishing, here's the update for week 1.

Sales by title:
Broken Ones
Smashwords 2, Amazon 2, B&N 0*
Veronica in Paris
Smashwords 2, Amazon 2, B&N 0*

Total sales this week: 8

*I've read that B&N can take a while to report sales, so there may be some that I don't know about.

So... eight! Several bought by people I don't know. In fact, the first purchase was by someone on twitter. SO. COOL. I about died and became one of my own ghosts, people. And every time I check my numbers and one's been added, it's like, JOY!

Even if my books never take off, this experience has been worth it. It's so worth it to know that people out there are reading my books. And from what one person has told me in direct twitter messages--enjoying them! And it's not even the same twitter person. Ha.

This week has been amazingly productive. It was spring break, and I used just about every waking moment (minus showers, meals, and dog walks. Oh and sleep. But not a lot of that--I'm too manic at the moment)doing something writing-related. Here's what I did:
  • Finished the WiP, The Fire and the Veil.
  • Finished the RiP, The River and the Roses.
  • Created 3 finished covers and started collecting possible images for The Fire and the Veil.
  • Published 3 ebooks, Broken Ones, Veronica in Paris, and The River and the Roses.
And I also did a bit of critiquing. And I intend, now, to do some more of that. I've gotten so much help from fellow writers. It would be gratifying to give back a little!

And I've got some ideas percolating... short stories? Novellas? Novels? All I know is I'm going to try to do ApriNoWriMo. So whatever happens happens.

What about you? What successes have you had recently? What goals do you have for April?


  1. Yay! I'm so happy for you Sophia! Laaave... Laaave...

  2. Hey, Sophia! Have you considered submitting your work to a book review blogger? Or a few of them? You'll have to do some research, I'm sure, to find ones who have decent blog traffic and review books like yours, but that could help propel some readership interest. And even if it's a bad review, as long as you don't react like that one crazy lady, people still might read it :)

  3. So cool, Sophia! Congrats on the sales. You've been amazingly productive this week.

  4. Very cool. I hope the sales keep comin' in!

    My writing goal for April is to make through the A-Z Blogging Challenge. Blog posts are a different challenge than writing a novel, and lately I've been having fun writing them. Probably won't get much done on the book this month, but I'm nearing the end. The plan is to finish in June and then spend July and August revising and editing.

  5. Henry-Anne and Mary: Thanks for the love and support!

    Mare: I have submitted Broken Ones and Veronica in Paris to some reviewers, but have yet to so do with The River and the Roses. I intend to market that one more aggressively (it's my favorite, and it's the start of a series that I'm hoping people will get into), so I'll be getting on that probably starting today! And yeah, I hope I can restrain myself from profanity if a review is bad. :)

    Tim: The A-Z challenge sounds cool! I can't wait for the summer, too. So much time for writing! It's going to be so great.

  6. Wow Sophia, I'm so impressed!! You are one talented gal...and a great teacher too....we'll have to check out your book soon! I'm happy for you and congratulations!