Monday, March 28, 2011

Schedule for Up-coming Posts in fellow writer's blog

Below is the schedule of posts for April at .

4/01—Six Questions for David A. Bright, Editor, Gemini Magazine
4/04—Six Questions for Randall Brown, Founder, Matter Press and The Journal of Compressed Creative Arts
4/06—Six Questions for Mandy Ward, Editor, Welcome to Wherever
4/08—Six Questions for Keely Christensen, Editor-in-Chief, The Red Asylum
4/11—Six Questions for Mike O'Mary, Founder, Dream of Things
4/13—Six Questions for Betsy Dornbusch, Editor, Electric Spec
4/15—Six Questions for Stephanie Taylor, Publisher, Astraea Press
4/18—Six Questions for Laura E. Davis, Founding & Poetry Editor, Weave Magazine
4/20—Six Questions for Darby Larson, Editor, Abjective
4/22—Six Questions for David James Keaton, Editor-in-Chief, Flywheel Magazine
4/25—Six Questions for Amanda Deo, Editor, Thunderclap
4/27—Six Questions for Chris Deal, Editor, Nefarious Muse
4/29—Six Questions for Celia Kyle, Publisher, Summerhouse Publishing

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